Language and Culture

Wo International Center offers a variety of opportunities to experience language and culture at an early age.

Language and Culture in the Elementary School (LACES)

This enrichment elementary language program in French and Spanish is open to students in grades 1 – 6. Two levels, beginning and continuing, are available with classes offered one day a week. LACES supervision is an additional offering for students in grades 1 – 3 not enrolled in After School Care.

Language and CUlture Program Dates for 2017 – 2018
LACES (French, Spanish) – Full Year 8/21/17 – 12/20/17
1/16/18 – 5/18/18

Immersion  Language Program

This program for K – grade 5 students provides a cultural and theme-based language environment that challenges students in age-appropriate ways to become capable and confident communicators through activities and play.

Languages offered are Hawaiian, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. All communication is in the immersion languages for some parts of the day (gradually increasing over the year). Classes are offered either three, four or five days a week.

Students are placed in small groups by age, led by advanced Academy language students serving as teaching assistants under the supervision of a lead faculty member.

The program’s theme-based curriculum allows students to repeat the program, and is designed to allow students with more experience to gain leadership opportunities as they team with those new to the program.

Immersion Language Program Dates for 2017 – 2018
Immersion Language Programs
(Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese)
Fall: 8/16/17 – 12/20/17
Spring: 1/9/18 – 5/30/18

Days, Times and Fees

See the course catalog or registration application for specific times and fees.

Escorting Grades K – Grade 3

Parents enrolling K – Grade 3 students should review the information about escorting.



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