In Karate, students engage in physical, mental and emotional learning opportunities in a safe, fun and non-competitive environment. They gain strength and flexibility. The Karate program develops and promotes coordination, self-confidence, discipline and respect for self and others.


Karate is offered to Punahou students ONLY.

Program Dates for 2016 – 2017  
Fall semester 8/29/16 – 12/16/16
Spring semester 1/9/17 – 5/5/17

Karate is a martial arts program for Punahou students in grades 1 – 5 that focuses on character development and physical fitness while students learn basic to intermediate skills. Classes are appropriate for students who are learning karate for the first time, as well as for those who have participated in karate for a few years.

Instructors will teach the traditional style of Shito-Ryu Karate through proper movement, posture, breathing and concentration.

Kobudo (weapons) training will be introduced to students of the upper belt levels. Punahou provides the equipment for these sessions.

Days, Times and Fees

Classes are grouped by age and ability levels. See the course catalog or registration application for specific times and fees.

Escorting Grades 1 – 3

Parents enrolling grades 1 – 3 students should review the information about escorting.


Instructor Mari Kaneshiro has been studying karate for over 35 years and currently holds a fifth degree black belt. As one of International Karate Federation’s top instructors, Sensei Mari teaches at various locations, including Maryknoll, Kahala, Palolo, Pearl City and University. She has won numerous awards, including national and world titles. Sensei Mari is an officer of the National AAU Karate Referee Council.

Junior instructors also assist with instruction.


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Mari Kaneshiro