Punahou Dance School offers a broad range of classes in ballet, jazz, tap, street dance and musical theater.

Classes emphasize dance technique, musicality and performance quality. Beginning levels are designed for students with little or no prior training, introducing basic dance vocabulary, coordination, conditioning, and simple combinations of movement. Students usually remain at the beginning level for two or three years before progressing to intermediate levels, where students concentrate on body placement, control, and more complex movement.


Intermediate and advanced classes are intended for more serious dance students, and enrollment is generally by permission only. Students in upper level dance classes receive more intense training in longer sessions, which stress technique and concepts associated with performance.

Program Dates for 2017 – 2018  
Fall semester 8/21/17 – 12/20/17
Spring semester 1/16/18 – 5/20/18

Holiday Schedule (2017-18)

Performance Information

The Dance School will present an informal concert, “Finale,” on May 18 – 20, 2018 at Dillingham Hall.

Performances are an integral part of the learning process. Students perform with the class in which they enroll, and those who wish to perform in the concert must be registered for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students in K – grade 2 may perform in a maximum of two classes, grades 3 – 5 may perform in a maximum of three classes, and grades 6 – 12 may perform in a maximum of four classes. A participation fee of $15 per class will be assessed in December to cover production costs.

To alleviate conflicts with mandatory theater rehearsals, families who plan to participate in “Finale” should avoid scheduling trips or vacations during the critical month of May 2018.

Days, Times and Fees

Each dance course consists of one class per week. Some courses have 1-hour classes, others 1 1/2-hour classes. See the course catalog or registration application for specific times and fees.

Escorting K – Grade 3

Parents enrolling K – grade 3 students should review the information about escorting.


The Dance School features an outstanding, professionally-qualified faculty with years of local and national experience in dance choreography, performance and teaching.



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Dance School Administrative Assistant
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Kristin Aune
Director, Dance School