The Chess program fosters self-confidence, patience and creativity while enhancing cognitive skills, such as conceptual understanding, reading comprehension, mathematics, logic, observation and analysis. Students become willing and active problem-solvers in a fun and positive learning environment.

Program Dates for 2017 – 2018  
Fall semester 8/16/17 – 12/20/17
Spring semester 1/9/18 – 5/30/18

Chess is open to students in grades 2 – 12 and welcomes students who are new to chess and those with experience. 

Through the use of instructional gaming, children develop better decision-making skills, are more aware of the consequences of their actions, and are able to think about and sustain progress toward long-term gains.

Students combine artistic and creative skills to address immediate tactical needs. 

Days, Times and Fees

Classes are held every day that the Junior School is in session, except Carnival Friday. Families can choose from one to five days of chess. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated and the days selected must be the same each week. See the course catalog or registration application for specific times and fees.

Escorting Grades 2 – 3

Parents enrolling grades 2 – 3 students should review the information about escorting.


Reynolds Takata earned his Master Title in 1986 and is internationally ranked, with a rating of 2267. He has coached and lectured at ‘Iolani School, Kamehameha Schools, St. Louis and others, and is a private coach for many of the state's top chess players, both adults and children.


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Reynolds Takata