At Punahou, all that we do serves the broader purpose of helping students reach their fullest promise as responsible citizens of the world.

For the Passionate

Punahou makes a serious commitment to continued growth and development based on your needs, desires or ideas for professional enrichment. You have freedom in the classroom and the opportunity to develop your own curriculum. You are expected to keep abreast of current developments in your profession, to maintain and expand your academic interests and competen- cies, and to collaborate in creating a coherent curriculum.

This unique combination of professional development support and autonomy in the classroom gives you the opportunity to help students explore, discover and reach their horizons while perfecting your craft and cultivating untapped talents of your own.

For the Collaborator

You have to be willing to get “messy” around here — it’s part of the creative process. The more synergies and connections we can create among our teaching talent and across grade levels and curricular areas the better we will all be as educators.

For the Globally Minded

Our student body is diverse and every day is an exercise in pluralism. Through technology, global exchange programs, integrated curriculum and our daily interactions, we have the opportunity to bring the world to Punahou and we embrace it!


Punahou's compensation philosophy is based on fairness. It takes into account pay strategies at peer schools (in Hawai`i as well as the mainland); pay strategies within the state; and overall compensation trends in academia and other business of relative size and scope. This information is used to structure a compensation strategy that is equitable, competitive, and makes sense for the school and its people; a strategy that is firmly aligned with Punahou's values and goals; and one that helps attract, retain and engage the best people.

Total Compensation

Though your pay is usually the most visible part of your compensation, Punahou's philosophy is to not only offer competitive salaries, but also to provide value based on total compensation, which includes a number of great benefits, as well as the value of the Punahou environment and community.

The various plans that make up Punahou's benefit program pay you for time away from the job, for vacations and holidays, help you meet a variety of expected and unexpected expenses that can occur during your working years, and provide continuing income for your future retirement years. These health, welfare, retirement and time off plans allow you a measure of security about unexpected health care costs, about your financial stability if your income is lost because of illness, death or an accident, and about your future, after you've completed your career.

Your total compensation also includes:

  • Comprehensive employee and retiree benefits
  • Opportunities for growth, development and professional satisfaction
  • World-class facilities and technology
  • Many "Punahou Perks" available to members of our community
  • Richness of traditions and reputation
  • Depth of values and vision for the future
  • High caliber student body and colleagues


You will be eligible to participate in our benefit programs after completion of the eligibility waiting periods. Eligibility for various benefit programs also depends on your status (faculty/staff, full-time/part-time, regular/temporary) and length of employment with the school.

Medical and Dental Comparison Chart

Initial Benefits

Effective the first day of the month following your first day of employment (for most teachers, this will be September 1), you will be eligible for the following:

Benefit Full-Time Part-Time
Medical / Rx / Vision Yes Yes
Dental Yes Yes
Pre-Tax Dependent Care Spending Account Yes
with Punahou subsidy
Pre-Tax Health Care Spending Account Yes Yes
Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance (2X pay) Yes  
Optional Life and Voluntary AD&D Yes  
Optional Spouse Life, & Child(ren) Life Insurance Yes  
Group Long-Term Care Yes  
Optional Long-Term Care Yes  
403b Supplemental Retirement Annuity Yes Yes
Temporary Disability Insurance Yes Yes
Long-Term Disability Insurance Yes  
Sick Leave 10 Days per Year Pro-rated per Year
Employee Assistance Program Yes Yes
Family and Medical Leave Yes Yes
Parental Leave Yes  
Bereavement Leave Yes  
Personal Leave Yes Pro-rated
Vacation Year-round Staff Only  
Holidays (15 for faculty and 17 for year-round staff) Yes Yes
Credit Union Yes Yes
Professional Development Stipend Yes Yes
Tuition Allowance for one child attending Punahou Yes  

After Two Years

After completing two consecutive years of eligible service, regular employees receive Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) contributions equal to 8% of pay.

After 15 Years

After completing 15 consecutive years of eligible service, regular employees receive Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) contributions equal to 10% of pay.


Your experience as part of the Punahou family is shaped by many things - the island environment, the school culture, and daily interactions with students and colleagues. Collaboration and creativity begin with an understanding of the community, its traditions and expectations of you as a member.

Vision for the Future

The school has a rich heritage and tradition, that values and thrives on forward-thinking outlooks, original ideas and the energy to create a future as limitless as the vision of its founders.


The Punahou community is made up of a diverse group of people from around the world. The more diverse the faculty and staff, the richer the experiences of the students and of the community as a whole. Diversity is an important part of the Punahou experience, and is a core value.


At Punahou, you will benefit not only from your colleagues' professional backgrounds, but also from each person's interests, experiences, outlook and viewpoints. Collaboration is part of Punahou's philosophy, as the community is energized and strengthened by each person's life experience.

Code of Conduct

Punahou, like any other organization involving a large number of people working together, has guidelines for acceptable conduct to ensure orderly operations and for the benefit and protection of the rights and safety of everyone, especially our students.

These guidelines are established with the highest standards of professional ethics in mind based on the following principles: 1) respect for personal relationships (intrinsic moral worth); 2) beneficence and non-malfeasance (do no harm); and 3) justice.

Certain guidelines established from time to time are published to promote a uniform understanding of acceptable and unacceptable conduct. Acceptable conduct is basically good conduct, good character and good judgment coupled with common sense.

Professional Development

The Punahou experience is a series of reflections - students model a love of learning and pursuit of knowledge that reflects their teachers' passions. In turn, the faculty and staff reflect back to students this zest for knowledge by actively pursuing personal and professional dreams and goals, modeling a love of "life long learning" through personal and professional development and training.

Punahou supports this process by providing a variety of opportunities for continuous learning throughout your career:

Faculty Development

As a faculty member, you are encouraged to be a knowledge leader in your field. You are also expected to keep abreast of current developments in your professional field, to maintain and expand your academic interests and competencies, and to collaborate with other faculty in creating a coherent curriculum for Punahou students.

Professional Programs at Punahou

Punahou School offers several professional development opportunities throughout the year for personal growth and to improve instruction. As an educational leader, Punahou encourages and supports teachers to become reflective practitioners, researchers, scholars and authors, with the expectation that they will contribute meaningfully to a broader understanding of teaching and learning. More about Professional Programs

Other Growth Programs

To support your continual professional growth and development, Punahou offers opportunities such as:

  • Sabbatical Leaves
  • Learning Fellowships
  • Individual Summer Learning Fellowship
  • Professional Development Stipend
  • Summer Curriculum Grants
  • Consultants/Guest Speakers
  • Retreats
  • Junior School Professional Development Days

Staff Development

As a staff member, you will participate in ongoing education and training designed to help you excel in your work, in areas such as communication, customer service in a community setting, technology and more.

Leadership training and consultation are also available for both faculty and staff.


How do I know if my application went through?

You will receive an email within 24 hours of submitting your application. This email will confirm that your application was received.

The system won't let me submit my application. What do I do?

An error message should appear which will describe the reason for not being able to submit the application. The most common reasons are due to incomplete information (e.g. required fields not completed), information is submitted using an incorrect format (e.g. dates must be in a specific format), or the system has timed out.

Review the information you have entered for these types of potential problems, and try again.

Is there a time limit to completing the application?

The system will allow a 2-hour time frame to submit applications. If the time it takes for you to complete the application exceeds this 2-hour limit, the system will "time out" and you will lose your information. We advise that candidates go through the application form and complete all required fields first and submit, in order to ensure that the information is saved. They may then go back into the system to complete the rest of the application form.

Will I receive an update on the status of my application?

Yes. All candidates will be notified on the status of their application if they have applied for a posted position. However, the response time may differ dependiong on the position.

Am I able to attach more than one document to my application?

No, the online application system will only allow one attachment. If you have multiple documents that need to be attached, please scan and save as one document before attaching to your application.

The online applciaiton system supports documetns in DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, TXT, HTML format up to 4MB of total data.

Mentoring at Punahou

Punahou School has offered a teacher mentoring program in grades 9 – 12, which was designed to give support, training and experience to recent college graduates who are considering teaching as a career. This program is currently being reimagined, and will not be offered for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Check back on this page for future updates about offerings in the subsequent years.

Student Jobs

Punahou's Student Employment Program provides valuable work experience, along with the opportunity to earn a modest income. As a student, your work should complement academic and extracurricular portfolios, and is designed to help you acquire experience and skills attractive to colleges or future employers.

Requirements and Expectations


  • Students must be at least 14 years old
  • Students must keep their academic schedule up-to-date on the application file
  • Students generally work between one and five hours per cycle
  • Shifts are at least 30 minutes


  • Neat appearance
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Reliability and dependability
  • Good work ethic, ability to take and follow instructions
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Use of good judgment, ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Ability to balance school commitments, play and extracurricular activities with work responsibilities
  • Demonstrate appropriate motivation about gaining work experience

To Apply

Select a student employment opportunity and complete the online application. Once your school schedule is finalized and you can confirm your work availability, you must first update your online application. Then, contact the department where you wish to work and take a copy of your school schedule to your meeting with the hiring department.

For more information visit the Student Employment page.

Punahou School, in accordance with state and federal laws, does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or other grounds protected under state or federal equal employment opportunity laws or regulations.

Student Employment

Student Job Openings
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Student Employment Page
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