College Counseling

Punahou seeks to provide both students and parents with the best information on college choices and admission requirements to aid in the application process. Its college counseling philosophy is to stress the importance of focusing on a 'good fit', rather than what some may call a 'good school'. 

Grades 9 and 10

Prior to the junior year, college preparation is simple, but important. Developing sound study habits, taking appropriate courses which increase each year in difficulty, and focusing on the "core courses" (English, Language, Math, Science and Social Studies) positions every student to follow any number of post high school avenues.

Grade 11

College Guide Class

In the first semester, juniors take a mandatory, non-graded course designed to help them begin their college research process. Topics covered include: admissions factors, how to begin college research, standardized testing options, financial aid, identifying and refining personal college criteria, self-assessment, the college interview, the college application, the college essay and differences/similarities between small liberal arts colleges and large universities.

Junior Conference

In the second semester, each junior and their parent/guardian meets with their college counselor to review the process and discuss college options.

Grade 12

Senior Conference

In the first semester, each senior meets once more with their parent/guardian and their college counselor to review the list of colleges, discuss application procedures and touch on any concerns.

College Visitors

Punahou maintains a cordial relationship with the administrative and admission offices of many colleges and universities. Each year, representatives from colleges visit Punahou's campus to offer presentations to students. While in town, they also conduct evening information sessions for parents at area hotels.

College counselors take opportunties to visit colleges when traveling to the mainland. These visits also include talks with alumni currently in college to discuss their college choices, courses and activities.


Throughout the school year various topical workshops are held. Some of these are for students and take place during the school day. Such topics include: "Essay Tips", "Navigating the University of California Application", "What to Do if You're Wait Listed," etc.

There are also a number of evening meetings that we encourage parents to attend such as Junior Parent Night, Financial Aid 101, Senior Parent Night, etc.


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