Students at Punahou thrive in an environment that is supportive, inspiring and challenging. Across the campus, programs are guided by the same mission values that drive the curricular and co-curricular experience. Facilities and organizational structures, such as the schedule, are all planned and implemented to enhance this exceptional environment.

Teachers, administrators and staff are attentive and available to students. They develop caring and nurturing relationships, supporting students in their own growth and encouraging their individual successes.

As a large school, Punahou intentionally creates opportunities for students to interact in small, intimate settings, and nurtures positive relationships and long-lasting friendships. Students’ diverse interests and needs are also recognized and attended to, and opportunities abound to explore new ideas or expand existing skills or passions.

Punahou is a vibrant, student-centered community, and life on campus embodies the shared mission to enrich the lives of children.