Student Clubs

Students in grades 5 – 12 have the opportunity to participate in a diverse number of clubs, informal groups organized around shared interests with the support of a faculty advisor. Students view clubs as an important part of the Punahou experience: a chance to branch out, explore different options and make new friends. Over time, some students focus on particular clubs and enjoy the camaraderie of activities with fellow students who share the same interest.

The number and variety of clubs represent the diverse interests of students and are made possible through the support of faculty advisors. As the students often say, “There is something for everyone!”

Junior School Clubs

Grades 5 – 8

Club Advisor(s)
Admission Tour Guides Mr. Tam
After School Art Mrs. Green
After School Shop Mr. Wong
Band (Select Middle School) Mrs. Murata
Band, Solo & Ensemble Festival Mrs. Murata
BLC Book Club Ms. Ramler, Mrs. Roster (Librarians)
Canteen (Grades 7 & 8) Mrs. Tyau, Mr. Aldrich
Eighth Grade Dance Mrs. Mazzullo, Mr. Aldrich
First Tech Challenge Mr. Dengler
First Lego League Mr. Dengler
Geography Club Mrs.Saito, Ms. Chong, Mrs. Lyons
Kakela Mrs. Fujioka & Mrs. Green
Keaka Punahou Productions Mr. Young, Mr. Palmore, Ms. Taylor
MATHCOUNTS (Grade 7) Dr. Chow-Hoy
MATHCOUNTS (Grade 8) Mrs. Hosoda
May Day Program Mrs. Ah Wong, Mrs. Utu
POPS Mrs. Patton & Mrs. Scanlan
Science Olympiad Team Ms. Osorio
Speech Club Mr. Woody, Mrs. Umeda
Student Council (Grade 7) Mrs. Tyau, Ms. Lindgren
Student Council (Grade 8) Mr. Aldrich, Mr. Landgraf

Academy Clubs

Grades 9 – 12

Clubs Advisor(s)
Addiction to Fiction Club Ms. Traci Young
Anime Club Mr. Dan Kinzer
APP Design and Development Club Mr. Douglas Kiang
Asian Strategic Games Club Mr. Daniel Kinzer
Aviation Club Mr. Michael Bassford
Biology and Culture Awareness Club Ms. Kimberly Carl
Bowling Club Mrs. Shelly Fey, Mr. Erik Swanson
Breakfast Club Dr. Melissa Giresi
Cake Decorating Club Ms. Wendi Kamiya
Chess Club Mr. Marcus Kaya
Chinese Club Mrs. Linette Char
Civil Engineering Mr. Aaron Dengler, Justin Lai
CommuniTEA Ms. Christine Loui
Conservative Caucus Mr. Eric Eads
Cooking Club Mr. David DelRocco
CyberPUNS Lt. Col. Bob Takao
DIY Crafts Club Mr. Christopher Chock
Easter Seals Melissa Giresi
Feelings Club Ms. Sarah Slater
Fencing Club Ms. Zoe Dare-Attanasio
Fight Club Mrs. Bonnie Christensen
Filipino Club Ms. Michelle Skinner
Film Club Ms. Camila Chaudron
Freemovement Club Mr. Michael Bassford
French Club Mr. Marcus Kaya
Glass Bowling Club Mr. Mark Mitsuda
Go Club Mr. Brian Johnson
GSA Ms. Allison Lazzara
Guitar Club Mr. Jason Nomura
Hawaiian Culture Conservation Club Mrs. Emma McGuire
History Bowl Mr. Jed Lovingfoss
Hokulele Adaptive Dance Ms. Kristin Aune
Hui o Aloha Mr. Chad Nishikawa
Ice Skating Club Mrs. Paula Crabb
ImageNation Mrs. Angla Kung
Improvisational Theatre Club Mr. Douglas Kiang
International Issues Club Mrs. Hirano-Omizo, Mr. Takao
Japanese Okinawan Club Ms. Jan Asato, Ms. Junko Ady
Key Club Ms. Deira Itagaki
Korean Culture Club Mr. Ted Demura-Devore
Korean Language Learning Club (KLLC) Ms. Deira Itagaki
Lacrosse, Boys Mr. Ron Gould
Lacrosse, Girls Ms. Kira Krend
Latin Club Ms. Hella Kihm, Mrs. Sharan Power
L.I.F.E. (Learn to Independently Fulfill Everyday Things Mr. Jon Ishii
Metal Club Mr. Ralph Pascucci
Military History Club Mr. Eric Eads
Mock Trial Mrs. Nora Keller
Model UN Mr. Chai Reddy and Ms. Leah Anderson
Money Making Concepts Club Mr. Jack Belli
Moviemakers Club Mr. Christopher Coats
Mud Club Mr. Dan Harano
Music Club Ms. Atsuko Motet
Music Menders Ms Christina Tamaru
Music Therapy Club Mrs. Laura Chang-Blust
Nature Nuts Ms. Sarah Hammond
Nature Science Outdoors Club Ms. Melissa Giresi
Neuro Club Ms. Leilani Ahina
Nutritional Scholars Ms. Francesca DePasquale
Operation Smiles Mr. Marcus Kaya
Outreach Club Mr. Paul Hamamoto
Pen-Spinning Club Mr. Reid Hayes
Perform, Listen, and Learn Club (PLL Club) Mr. Edward Roush
Pick-up Sports League Ka'eo Vasconcello
Ping Pong for Kids Mrs. Alexndra Paer
Punahou Christian Athletes Mr. Keith Cockett
Punahou Steel Mr. Troy Hotz
Punahou Surf Club Mr. Kaniela Lyman-Mersereau
Punahou Surgical Society Mrs. Darcy Iams
Punavision Mr. Andrew Ryan
Raiders Mr. Robert Takao
Red Cross Club Mrs. Dale Nakata
Robotics (Punahou Robotics Team) Mr. Aaron Dengler, Justin Lai
Russian Club Mr. Carl Ackerman
Science Bowl Mr. Warren Huelsnitz
Service-Learning Club Mr. Carl Ackerman
Spanish Club Mr. Ian Earle
Strategy Club Ms. Kira Krend
Sustainable Living Club Mr. Ian Earle
Tedx Punahou Mr. Douglas Kiang
Trail Trekkers Mr. Marcus Kaya
Ultimate Frisbee Club Mr. Eric Reppun
Ultralight Dream Team Mr. George Scott, Ms. Sarah Hammond
Well Being Club Mrs. Paula Crabb
Xfit Club Mr. Troy Hotz
Young Life Mrs. Junko Ady, Ms. Atsuko Motet