Letters to the Editor

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  • Rosemarie, Robert and Charlie Henninger ’80

    Summer 2016

    Wow! What a great job all of you did in putting together the spring 2016 issue of the Punahou Bulletin! We enjoyed every page of it and we thought you should know that.

  • Kirt Pruyn '70

    Fall 2013

    Just want to extend my appreciation for your Fall 2013 issue, especially the cover story on the three remarkable alumni stories.

  • Lee Ann Bowman

    Spring 2013

    My Punahou Bulletin arrived today and it is just chock full of wonderful articles, photos and poignant and informative tributes (especially to Win Healy). Thank you!

  • Lani Wiig '59

    Summer 2010

    I've been wanting to thank you for the nice story you put together about my missing ring (Fall 2009). I thought you might appreciate my listing some of the Winter 2009 Bulletin's many good points.

  • Mark Zeug

    Summer 2010

    I read with interest Jon '10 well-written article On Eating Green (Spring 2010), and the challenges he encountered in attempting to understand where his last meal came from and what really was in it.

  • Roger Cornell '56

    Spring 2010

    The photos are clearer but trying to read dark print in small fonts on green, glossy paper - particularly in the evening - is virtually impossible. In part, you may be trying to jam too much print into limited space. Please don't change the alumni notes.

  • Gene Altman

    Spring 2010

    Dr. Rob Evans' emphasis on nurturing, structure and latitude (Winter Bulletin) may provide a necessary balance for parents who worry excessively about their children's self-esteem.

  • Sue Schaefer '63 James

    Spring 2010

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading the Punahou Bulletin. I am always blown away by the scope of the incredible things going on at Punahou.

  • Arlene Shanahan '59 FitzPatrick

    Winter 2009

    My husband (a non-Punahou alumnus) and I enjoy the issues of the Punahou Bulletin sent to me quarterly. We find many aspects of the content to be of interest and value on a regular basis.

  • Frances "Skippy" R. Cavaco '43

    Winter 2009

    The fall issue of the Punahou Bulletin is AWESOME. Please consider sending a copy to the Smithsonian to be placed under glass in a very prominent place - next to the Declaration of Independence or near "The Spirit of St. Louis." (A copy to the Library of Congress would be ordinary and the President already has his copy.)

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