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Plans are underway for the construction of two new tennis courts above Wilcox Hall, part of a broad plan of improvements as Dillingham Tennis Complex celebrates its 60th anniversary this month.

Construction of the two new courts will begin this fall, with an estimated completion date of summer 2010, coinciding with the opening of the adjacent K – 1 Neighborhood. Also in 2010, improve- ments will be made to the DillinghamTennis Complex office, waiting and viewing facilities; and lights will be installed on the existing Dillingham Courts allowing extended playing time.

The three upper courts in the Nancy M. Spalding MemorialTennis Complex closed in 2009 to make way for construction of the K – 1 Neighborhood. A memorial to Nancy Spalding will be incorporated into the new facility renovations.

A Honolulu Star-Bulletin headline in May 2008 read, “Punahou rules again in tennis – the dynasty continues.” But winning is not the goal so much as a byproduct of a tennis program that has tremendous breadth and depth. One of the largest school programs in the nation, Punahou tennis annually serves 2,500 students from Punahou and the larger community from ages 5 through 18 in a year-round program of instruction and competition. As Bernard Gusman, director of tennis at Punahou, remarked in Sports Illustrated’s May 2008 issue, “The most important thing I want kids to get out of this program is how to lose with grace and win with humility. It’s about respecting your opponent and being a classy competitor.”

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