Letter from the Pa`ani President

Department: Athletics

Pa‘ani Hopes to Grow Participation

During Pa`ani’s annual meeting in the fall, Athletic Director Jeaney Garcia shared new initiatives to promote athletic participation, sportsmanship and fulfillment. Garcia, whose energy, vision and skillful leadership already have brought us great inspiration, hopes to partner with Pa`ani on the mutual goals of growing participation in all of Punahou's athletic programs and enhancing the programs already available to our female athletes.

Garcia gave us a sneak peek into the new pilot program she has begun with the girls intermediate volleyball team: the girls who did not make the two intermediate teams are able to play for the “white team.” Three times a week, the varsity girls play with this team for an hour to mentor and coach these girls.The program has, in its early stages, been successful and these girls are enjoying playing volleyball. Thanks to this initiative, and hopefully more to come, the spirit and love of sports will not be limited to only those who “make the cut.”

Like the athletic department, Pa`ani ’s mission is to encourage our students to become athletes for life. Whether we are fundraising at the Flaming “P,”selling lei at graduation or selling flowers at Carnival, all Pa`ani’s proceeds are channeled to making our athletes’ experience more memorable because we understand the importance of the values taught through athletics. Last year, Pa`ani sponsored kayaking, paddling, soccer, basketball, track and water polo.This year, we hope to sponsor more athletes and teams, and continue our fundraising efforts.

A special mahalo goes out to our life members who’ve committed to helping Na Wahine Pa`ani o Punahou and our girls pro- grams thrive for generations to come. Look for us out on the field, at the track, poolside and beyond! Go Puns!


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