The Life Lessons of Competitive Sports, Part II

Department: Athletics

By Malia May ’84 Lageman
2005-2006 Pa‘ani President

Two years ago, the first article I wrote for the Punahou Bulletin was entitled “The Life Lessons of Competitive Sports.” This being my last opportunity to speak as Pa‘ani’s president, I would like to revisit my original theme.

Everyone who has participated in sports takes away important lessons that can be applied to life: the belief that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome, or an understanding of the true meaning of teamwork and leadership, or perhaps the fact that attitude can triumph over aptitude. These are some of the life lessons that boys have learned through sports for generations.

We are now seeing the first generation of girls who do not have to surmount obstacles to participate and excel in any sport. They don’t have to ask “Why not me?” because they know that they deserve equality in all things. Through Title IX legislation and the support of organizations like Pa‘ani, girls’ athletics have flourished at Punahou: from just 2 girls’ sports in 1956 to 21 sports in 2006!

These girls will mature into women for whom the sky is the limit. It is gratifying to know that this generation of females can put all its passion and energy into excelling in sports and in life, rather than in fighting for the right to participate.

Pa‘ani is committed to our mission To support and promote athletic participation throughout all grade levels at Punahou and to enhance Punahou’s girls’ athletic programs.” We have made it our goal to ensure that future generations of Punahou female athletes enjoy the right to achieve athletic excellence.

Lei Sales at the Alumni Lu‘au

Pa‘ani had a very successful afternoon of lei sales at the Alumni Lu‘au which netted over $1,100 for Punahou girls’ athletics! I would like to thank all the hardworking Pa‘ani members who made it possible. In addition, I would like to extend a special thank you to the superb sales team headed by Sono Hirose-Hulbert ’70 and Eric Schiff. Also, a big mahalo to Wana‘ao Watson Eldridge ’89 for making 300 beautiful buff ’n blue bows to tie on each lei.

A Special Mahalo!

I would like to extend my appreciation to the Pa‘ani Board for making my tenure so enjoyable. A special mahalo goes to the following outgoing board members for their invaluable service to Pa‘ani and to Punahou: Julie Brooks ’84, Sono Hirose-Hulbert ’70, Eric Schiff and Diane McLean Stowell ’52.


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