Letter from the Pa‘ani President

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Department: Athletics

Nedra Dwyer ’90 Manson
2006-2008 Pa‘ani President

It is with great pleasure that I take on the responsibility of leading Na Wahine Pa‘ani ‘o Punahou for the next two years. I look forward to working with Pa‘ani Board members Malia May ’84 Lageman, Susan ’57 May, Wana‘ao Watson ’89 Eldridge, Tanya Watumull, Yolanda DeWeese, Mindy Cavanah and new Board members Emily Carl ’88, Kellie James ’01, Susan Chouljin, and Maria Noble. Being an alumna and a parent of three Punahou students, I realize the importance of Girls’ Athletics. I hope to help Pa‘ani play a larger role in supporting and promoting Girls’ Athletics at Punahou.

Past President Malia May ’84 Lageman has done an excellent job of revitalizing Pa‘ani. Under her leadership we have surpassed our membership and fundraising goals. Building on that momentum, the Board and I would like to see our membership reach the 300-person mark. If you have not had a chance to join Pa‘ani please visit us at www.punahou.edu, you can find information about Pa‘ani and a membership form under athletics.

Another goal we have for Pa‘ani is to provide more opportunities for the members to get involved in the organization. We have set the second Wednesday of every month (excluding December) at 12 noon, as our monthly meeting time at the Pacific Club snack bar. We invite all Pa‘ani members to join our monthly meetings.

There are many ways to get involved with Pa‘ani, the foremost being our largest fundraiser: selling cut flowers at the Punahou Carnival. We cannot thank enough the generous growers on Maui, the Big Island and O‘ahu who donate the lovely flowers and greenery we sell each year. We hope that Pa‘ani members can help us reach out to new flower growers to donate flowers to our booth.

During Carnival, Pa‘ani members work diligently behind the scenes to create flower arrangements and manage booth sales. Their dedication and hard work year after year ensure our booth’s success. If you are interested in donating flowers or in working at our booth, please contact Sue Chouljin at suec@speakeasy.net.

We are also working with the O-Men this year on the Punahou Athletic Hall of Fame (see Rick’s article on the facing page). For nomination forms, please contact Wana‘ao Eldridge at wanaaowatson@aol.com or visit www.punahou.edu/athletics.

I look forward to leading Pa‘ani through its next growth phase. As Pa‘ani develops as an organization, we can look forward to playing a greater role in supporting and promoting Girls’ Athletics at Punahou.


Nedra Dwyer ’90 Manson


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