Service Learning

  • “Malama Means Care”

    Hawaiian Culture Students Learn to Tend the Land

    Summer 2013

    A group of freshmen gingerly step away from the safety of solid ground and into the murky water of Punahou’s lily pond.

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  • Igniting a Passion for Poetry

    Spoken-Word Artists Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye Visit Punahou

    Spring 2013

    Bruce Schauble, director of Punahou’s Institute for Teaching, Learning and Instructional Innovation (ITLII), is always on the lookout for speakers “who might share a point of view that we haven’t thought of because we haven’t been exposed to it yet.”

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  • Learning to Lead Change

    Winter 2012

    Vincent Tachiyama ’13 always thought that homelessness was the result of simple economics: that people didn’t have the money to make ends meet. That perspective was upended last fall after he sat down to speak with a Waikiki Health Center staff member who works with homeless teenagers. From their conversation, Vincent realized the issue affects an even more vulnerable population.

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  • Taking Action

    Through service, a student finds her voice

    Spring 2012

    College reps. Scholarship materials. Skill-building workshops. These invaluable resources were available to the 140 parents and students who attended Roosevelt High School’s robust college fair on November 17, 2011.

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  • Plastic Peril

    Service Learning Teacher Institute Focuses on Reducing Marine Debris

    Winter 2011

    Presented by Luke Center for Public Service and the nonprofit Kokua Hawai‘i Foundation, the event on Oct. 27, 2011, centered on the theme “Can You Be Plastic Free? Schools reducing single-use plastics for Hawai‘i’s health.”

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  • A Summer of Service and Stewardship

    Kaua‘i trip offers students connections with nature

    Fall 2011

    The Hawaiian word kahiau means to lavish generously without the expectation of getting anything in return. For the past seven summers, Punahou middle- and high-school students, along with faculty, have been doing just that, as they pull weeds in the Koke‘e rainforest in an area they have adopted as their own.

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  • A Gift to Change the World, One Step at a Time

    Spring 2011

    Each year, Punahou students return to school following their winter break to find another gift waiting for them: a guest speaker, bringing a message of inspiration for service and a calling to use their unique gifts to make the world a better place.

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  • Educating Educators

    The Service Learning Teacher Institute

    Fall 2010

    Useful, stimulating, encouraging and FUN!” For the past seven years, the annual Service Learning Teacher Institute – with presentations from local and national service learning experts and hands-on activities ready to be translated to the classroom – has elicited these positive responses from educators across the state.

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  • The Evolution of Luke Leaders

    Making a Difference

    Summer 2010

    Seven years ago, the Luke Center for Public Service became a conceptual reality on Punahou's campus. It had neither a building nor doors to open and yet it opened doors of opportunity to students making a difference.

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  • Alternative Gifts

    It's the Thought That Counts

    Spring 2010

    What do a discarded square of upholstery fabric and a macadamia nut shortbread cookie have in common? Each one can be a thoughtful gift that makes a difference in someone's life.

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  • Punahou grows seeds of service

    What's growing in Punahou's campus gardens?

    Winter 2009

    The simple answer is "plants" or maybe "vegetables." Experienced first-grade gardeners would be able to specify "oregano" or "tomatoes." But the truth is something more is growing in campus gardens.

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  • Recipe for Social Change

    EIR program teams young entrepreneurs with business world mentors

    Fall 2009

    A handful of sustainability-conscious teens canvassed Manoa Marketplace one summer afternoon, armed with literature and intent on their mission to sign up as many restaurants as possible to their earth-friendly cause.

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  • Third Annual Fair

    Supports Environment, Sustains Spirits

    Summer 2009

    A light drizzle fell as the first participants arrived on campus to set up. It turned out to be simply a misty Manoa blessing rather than the start of the forecasted deluge. As the clouds cleared, students, faculty, staff and parents enjoyed more than 80 information booths, food tastings, live music, educational activities and more at the third annual Sustainability Fair April 24.

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  • So, What’s the Big Idea?

    Dr. Tina Seelig on how ordinary notions can spur extraordinary innovation

    Spring 2009

    Big ideas aren’t always born big. Can you imagine that an ordinary Post-it note could change the world? How could a simple rubber band create value in the lives of others?

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  • In the Presence of Goodness

    Summer 2008

    The audience waited expectantly listening closely to every word. “First, you need a short name that people can remember. Two, you need a big nose. And three, you need sexy legs,” he declared, hiking up his pants and extending his leg from behind the podium.

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  • ‘Let’s Talk!’

    Children and Seniors Discover the Language of Service

    Spring 2008

    In the touching children’s story, “Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge,” by Mem Fox, a little boy loves to visit the elderly people who live in the nursing home near his house.

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  • Luke Leaders

    On and Beyond Campus, Students Build a Network of Service

    Winter 2007

    These students, affectionately known as Luke Leaders, make a one-year commitment to support service initiatives at Punahou School. Some start in the sixth grade and serve as Luke Leaders until they graduate, volunteering for a total of seven years!

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  • Punahou Alumni: Good Work and Good Fun

    Fall 2007

    Whether you are a Punahou parent, alumnus, student or friend, you know that the Punahou bond is a strong one. Many alumni count their classmates among their oldest and dearest friends: They get together for reunions, casual barbeques, weekly lunches, holidays and numerous other events.

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  • Service: The Next Generation

    Academy Students Turn Learning into Action

    Summer 2007

    Since its inception in 2003, the Luke Center for Public Service has supported teachers and students in linking community service with classroom learning. This year, for the first time, Luke Center took that commitment one step further and became a classroom in its own right.

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  • Hunger and Homelessness

    Students Find Solutions

    Spring 2007

    In 2003, Luke Leaders from seventh to twelfth grades mapped our community’s problems and resources. They determined that hunger and homelessness are such important issues that Punahou needed to make a concerted effort to help.

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  • Joining Hands to Care for the Earth

    Winter 2006

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Senior Kai Morrell’s face lit up when she turned over the small card in her hands and read these words by Mahatma Gandhi.

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