President's Desk

  • Aiming for the Future

    Fall 2017

    As we launched the school year with the theme, “Every Life is a Story,” I have been inspired by the ways in which this idea has been expressed. It has underscored the remarkable stories behind members of our vibrant school community.

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  • Until We Meet Again

    Summer 2017

    Seniors, in your final days together you have heard heartfelt reflections, insight and advice from classmates and teachers. I can only affirm here what you have already learned.

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  • Our Compass During Uncertainty

    Spring 2017

    Our country has emerged from a national election that resulted in the current climate of ongoing political divisiveness and general uncertainty.

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  • Broadening Our Definition of Success

    Winter 2016

    In presenting each Punahou graduating class their diplomas at Commencement, we typically describe their impressive achievement in academics, athletics, the arts and service to the community. The Punahou School Profile that accompanies a student’s transcript to colleges highlights the impressive concentration of academic talent within their graduating class.

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  • He Au Hou – A New Time, a New Tide

    Fall 2016

    As we look at this year and to the years ahead, I hope we can build upon the momentum of our 175th anniversary celebration to continue to reach out, connect and engage our alumni across the world. This not only helps to formalize a valuable Punahou network for our future graduates, but it also helps us to imagine the next 25 years.

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  • Our Wish for You

    Summer 2016

    Seniors, in a few moments you will be Punahou graduates! You are about to join the ranks of the tens of thousands of educated men and women who came before you, who have marched down the aisle and crossed the stage at their Punahou graduation to claim their diploma for the past 174 years.

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  • Ku‘u Punahou

    Spring 2016

    My Punahou is a place unlike any other in the world, with a rich history deeply rooted in Hawai‘i. It is the beautiful lands of the New Spring and the learning environments they have nourished for 175 years. It is a place that has nurtured generations of children as they grow into young adults ready to enter the world with confidence, passion and purpose.

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  • Creating a K — 12 Learning Commons

    Winter 2015

    A conversation about the future of Punahou’s libraries has recently expanded to include a broader view of the future of education, as well as the campus learning environment needed to support that vision.

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  • Why Financial Aid is an Educational Imperative

    Fall 2015

    When I returned to Punahou as president in 1994, I described to the trustees, faculty and staff the kind of school I want to serve. Among other things, I cited a need-blind* admission policy that would ensure qualified students access to a Punahou education, regardless of their financial circumstances. Expanding financial aid has been an institutional priority for me.

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  • Happy Birthday, Punahou!

    Summer 2015

    The 2015 – 2016 academic year heralds a milestone as Punahou School celebrates its 175th anniversary. This occasion invites all of us in the Punahou community to revisit the storied history of one of America’s oldest and most respected independent schools, and to honor the spirit of its thoughtful educational innovation and renewal.

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  • Our Educational Purpose

    Spring 2015

    The Punahou School mission calls us first and foremost to provide an educational environment that is attentive to teaching moral and spiritual values while affirming the worth and dignity of each individual.

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  • A Single System

    Winter 2014

    Punahou School has a unique and unprecedented opportunity to appoint two new school principals who will begin the 2015 – 2016 school year together.

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  • A Moment of Great Opportunity

    Fall 2014

    You learned earlier this summer that Academy Principal Kevin Conway announced his retirement, effective at the end of the 2014 – 2015 school year, and that this will also be the last year for Junior School Principal Mike Walker, who has accepted a position as head of the San Francisco Day School.

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  • Congratulations, Class of 2014!

    Summer 2014

    There are 35,000 Punahou alumni around the world; nearly half live away from Hawaii. Their ranks include political and business leaders, entrepreneurs, Olympic and professional athletes, and military leaders.

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  • A Spring of Renewal

    Spring 2014

    Just as fresh water continues to replenish our beloved New Spring, Ka Punahou, the education of our children is flourishing because of Punahou’s commitment to its own renewal and improvement.

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  • Our Journey of Educational Excellence

    Winter 2013

    In this issue of the Punahou Bulletin, we share the college choices of the Class of 2013. The impressive and diverse list of schools reflects the exemplary academic record of a talented and accomplished graduating class of 422 students. Their SAT scores, their classmates honored by the National Merit Scholarship Program, and their strong record of accomplishment on Advanced Placement examinations affirm Punahou’s academic standing among the finest high schools in the country.

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  • Welcome to the 2013 – 14 School Year

    Fall 2013

    Our journey through the 2013 – 14 school year is off to an exhilarating start, evident in the wonderful energy of our faculty and staff gatherings during these first few days. A new school year always evokes the excitement of Punahou students in transition, along with our renewed aspirations for their learning and growth.

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  • Congratulations, Class of 2013!

    Summer 2013

    Seniors, in these final days together you have listened to thoughtful, heartfelt insights and advice from classmates and from teachers. I can only reaffirm what you have already heard.

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  • Aims of a Punahou Education

    Spring 2013

    The growing social, political, economic and ecological interconnectedness of a changing world challenges us to look more expansively at what it means to be an educated person.

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  • Stewarding Punahou’s Educational Mission

    Winter 2012

    The challenge for schools today is to sustain their educational vision, aspiration and innovation while simultaneously being prudent stewards of their financial resources.

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  • The Gifts of Our School Community

    Fall 2012

    We launched the 2012 – 2013 school year with the theme, Na Makana: Gifts, which reminds us of the many gifts that sustain our school community.

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  • Congratulations, Class of 2012!

    Summer 2012

    Seniors, in addition to describing your accomplishments and qualities, we have been telling people why you will be memorable.

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  • Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

    Spring 2012

    The word innovation is derived from the Latin word “innovatus” – meaning to restore or renew. Therefore, innovation does not imply large-scale change, or the introduction of something entirely new. It often means the restoration or renewal of something that already exists.

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  • APEC 2011 Leaders Week

    Winter 2011

    The historic Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2011 Leaders Week, held in Hawai‘i in November, gave us a unique opportunity to further our vision to develop a global perspective within our students. It also afforded Punahou School with an opportunity to become an active participant in and venue for APEC-related activities.

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  • Institute for Teaching, Learning and Instructional Innovation

    Fall 2011

    We launched the 2011 – 2012 school year with a renewed focus on the Institute for Teaching, Learning and Instructional Innovation (ITLII) at Punahou. The word “innovation” is derived from the Latin “innovatus,” which means to renew or to restore. Therefore, innovation is not just the introduction of something new. It can be the renewal of something that already exists.

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  • Commencement 2011

    Summer 2011

    A hala tree is on the Punahou School seal behind you, created with care and affection by parents to honor your transition. The hala tree is the prominent feature on your Punahou class ring, whose roots tonight you turn out to face the world, and it is also on the diploma I am about to give you.

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  • Student Service and Peer Mentoring

    Spring 2011

    In this issue of the Punahou Bulletin, we share stories of student service initiatives and peer mentoring opportunities.Their stories flow from Punahou’s mission and vision to help students develop a strong sense of responsibility toward, and interdependence with, their schoolmates, their community and the world.

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  • Project-Based Learning

    Winter 2010

    As we prepare Punahou students to become confident, independent and lifelong learners, we are building upon their natural curiosity, wonder and imagination to cultivate their inquiry and problem-solving skills.

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  • Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood

    Fall 2010

    As we launched the school year, we welcomed our kindergartners and first-graders to the newly constructed Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood, where we are educating our youngest learners for a sustainable future.

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  • CapSEEDS Experience

    Summer 2010

    Six years ago, members of the Academy Social Studies faculty launched an initiative to reshape the Punahou senior economics requirement. Their primary purpose has been to recreate a course that integrates core economic principles through case studies and service opportunities that deepens a student's understanding of globalization, environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

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  • Punahou Carnival

    Spring 2010

    When I recently thanked the members of the junior class for their remarkable leadership with this year's Carnival, I told them that the Punahou Carnival may be the most ambitious student enterprise in America.

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  • Educational Technology

    Winter 2009

    As we have thoughtfully considered our investment in educational technology in recent years, we have envisioned classrooms in which students can be the architects of their own learning while generating their own questions and ideas as sophisticated users of powerful tools.

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  • Challenges and Opportunities

    Fall 2009

    As we look forward to the new school year, we are guided by the principles of Punahou's mission and vision while continuing to respond confidently to new financial realities. We will continue to frame those new realities with sensitivity, humility and vigilant fiscal stewardship.

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  • Congratulations, Class of 2009!

    Summer 2009

    Some Punahou graduating classes are memorable because of circumstances thrust upon them, others because of their contributions and leadership. In the case of the Class of 2009, both are true. Thank you for what you have contributed to Punahou.

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  • Preparing Students for Global Leadership

    Spring 2009

    Several trustees and I just returned from Washington, D.C., where on Jan. 20, we witnessed a fellow Punahou alumnus take the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States.

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  • Financial Condition

    Winter 2008

    As the first semester of the school year comes to a close, we are witnessing dramatic swings in global financial markets and continued economic uncertainty. At the same time, the United States has concluded a historic presidential election.

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  • K - 1 Learning Environment

    Fall 2008

    The Board of Trustees has voted to move forward with the first phase of the grades K - 5 project, beginning with the kindergarten and first-grade neighborhood this fall. Similar to our vision for the Case Middle School project, we want to create a K - 1 learning environment that is attentive, flexible and collaborative - with music, art, reading and movement as an integral part of a child's first educational experience.

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  • Gift of a Punahou Education

    Summer 2008

    Before I hand the graduating seniors their Punahou diploma at Commencement, I remind them of the wisdom from the Book of Luke that they have heard repeated during their years at Punahou: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

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  • K - 1 Neighborhood Project

    Spring 2008

    Back in 2004, as we were moving into Case Middle School, members of the Junior School faculty were already beginning a conversation about improving the instructional facilities for kindergarten through grade five.

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  • Right Brain Thinking

    Winter 2007

    We have long described the human brain as divided into a right and left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is sequential, logical and analytical. The right hemisphere is nonlinear, creative, expressive and intuitive.

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  • Sustainability Initiatives

    Fall 2007

    The Board of Trustees recently challenged us to take the long view in educating students for a sustainable future. Our hope as a school is to model and promote environmental sustainability through institutional action and through individual choice.

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  • Congratulations, Class of 2007

    Summer 2007

    The Punahou Class of 2007 started kindergarten in the fall of 1994, my first year as President. They are a special class because, for 13 years, their graduation date has been a tangible benchmark for reaching Punahou’s vision and aspirations.

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  • Creating Conditions for Success

    Spring 2007

    As I watched Punahou juniors create another successful Carnival, and as I joined the seniors as they performed in a memorable Variety Show, I was reminded that Punahou’s most significant contribution to their education is in creating the conditions for students to uncover their gifts and their passion.

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  • Sustainability Summit

    Winter 2006

    Last year our Trustees and school leadership challenged the school community to consider a longer-term perspective and time horizon as we envision Punahou’s future, as well as Hawaii’s future.

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  • Sustaining Great Teaching

    Fall 2006

    A major challenge for Punahou School over the next decade will be to continue to attract, retain, and sustain world-class teachers while unprecedented numbers of our faculty retire.

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