Global Education

  • Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI)

    Students’ Solutions for Global Issues

    Fall 2015

    At the Student Global Leadership Institute, students are asked to look at ways they might solve some of the world’s most pressing issues by researching and creating their own unique projects around a universal theme, and then spending the next nine months implementing it back home.

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  • Students Examine Cities in Global Leadership Institute

    Fall 2014

    The fifth annual Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) assembled 79 students for an intensive summer program, which brought students from around the world to Punahou School from July 21 – Aug. 1, 2014.

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  • Language for Life

    Chinese Immersion Program Sees Success After First Year

    Summer 2014

    Junior School Mandarin Chinese teacher Hui-Mei Chang sits quietly facing a crowd of eager children, her hands tucked behind her back. Suddenly, brightly clothed Chinese puppets with carefully carved porcelain faces leap into the air.

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  • Global Exchange

    A Trail Guide to Hosting International Students

    Spring 2014

    Every year, dozens of Punahou parents offer their children a unique cross-cultural learning experience by hosting international students in one of the School’s global education programs.

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  • Student Global Leadership Institute 2013

    Growing Global Leaders

    Fall 2013

    Here’s the challenge: in 18 minutes, your team must build a free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string and one marshmallow. The marshmallow must be on top. The tallest structure, measured from the table to the top of the marshmallow, wins.

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  • Fueling World-Class Learners

    Spring 2013

    American schools should stop chasing China on standardized test scores and focus on nurturing creative, confident, entrepreneurial students capable of leading the global economy, says Dr. Yong Zhao, an internationally renowned scholar and author who visited Punahou School in December.

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  • Building Global Learners

    Interview with Wo International Center’s Leadership Team

    Winter 2012

    When Emily McCarren was a high-school student in Vermont, a school trip to Costa Rica changed her life. The visit led her to become a Spanish language teacher and a passionate advocate for global learning.

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  • Students Rise to Global Challenge

    Fall 2012

    Wanting to change the world is one thing, learning how to do it quite another. That’s where Punahou School’s Student Global Leadership Institute comes in.

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  • A Place to Call Home

    Host Families Offer More than Hospitality

    Winter 2010

    Fourteen-year-old Isabelle Chalmont waited to disembark the South Pacific Island Airways plane. It was her first time traveling alone, and she was excited to leave Tahiti and participate in an English-as-a-Second- Language (ESL) program at Punahou School.

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  • Celebrating and Sustaining the Spirit

    Program Explores Traditions of People Around the World

    Summer 2010

    Chaplains Lauren Medeiros and Joshua Hayashi asked seventh-grade students at an April chapel service, "Why do we light the candles to open chapel service? Why does music open our chapel time together?" They wanted the students to consider the purpose of these traditions and whether people of other cultures enjoy them as well.

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  • Life Lessons Abroad

    Spring 2010

    Each year, some 260 students from across the U.S. participate in the School Year Abroad Program, which gives high-school students the opportunity to complete their junior or senior year in schools in China, France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam or Japan. The students stay with host families while attending school, earning U.S. credits towards graduation. In the 2009 - 2010 school year, six students from Punahou participated. Jade '11, who is living in Italy, shares her thoughts about the experience

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  • Second-grade Japanese lessons fuse language, culture

    Winter 2009

    An eager group of second-graders gathers around their sensei on the carpet at 8:15 a.m. for their Japanese lesson.The children stand and exchange a morning greeting, "ohayoo gozaimasu," bow with their sensei, Naomi Hirano-Omizo, then unify their voices into a welcome melody for the good morning "Ohayoo Gozaimasu Song."

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  • Capturing Costa Rica

    Technology aids students in documenting observations

    Fall 2009

    A group of 15 Punahou Summer School students recently returned from a four-week summer trip to Costa Rica, where they documented the native flora and fauna they encountered on hikes through the rainforest. Senior Kevin Chung writes about the experience.

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  • Being There

    Videoconference Connects Students with Eyewitnesses on the Mall

    Spring 2009

    While their Academy peers enjoyed a day off school and the opportunity to watch the inauguration from the comfort of their living rooms, five Academy students arrived on campus early on the morning of Jan. 20 to join a live videoconference during the inauguration of Barack Obama ’79.

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  • The Real World

    Students learn the value of cultural exchange by living it

    Winter 2008

    Wo International Center’s summer travel abroad programs are dynamic, immersive learning environments that challenge students to learn, think and grow. While summer travel programs have been offered by the center for over 40 years, during the last decade, the trips have adopted a service-learning model, which gives students the experience of living and serving in rural communities.

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  • Teaching Across Cultures

    Summer Teacher Institute 2008

    Fall 2008

    Since 2002, Wo International Center’s Summer Teacher Institute has offered educators from the Asia-Pacific region the opportunity to immerse themselves in American pedagogy. Funded by the Freeman Foundation, the two-week institute hosts 22 teachers from countries as diverse as Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines.

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  • China Looks West

    Summer 2008

    China’s phenomenal economic progress has dominated recent world news. Since 1979, when the country opened its economy to foreign investment, China has sent delegations from schools, businesses, government and the military to learn from the West.

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  • The Lives of Others

    Spring 2008

    How does a school cultivate students who are globally aware? Understanding that teachers are important guides to a child’s budding sense of the world, Wo International Center believes that building a classroom foundation for cultural understanding begins with teachers themselves.

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  • Journey of Learning China

    Spring 2007

    During my first week in Beijing this past fall, I dreaded when my cell phone rang. It was likely to be my daughter’s Chinese school calling to tell me she was crying in the teachers’ office. As I walked to school to pick up my 10-year-old, my mind would be flooded with doubts about my well-laid plans.

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  • Global Village: China and the World

    Winter 2006

    With generous funding by the Freeman Foundation, the Wo International Center officially launched its Global Village initiative (GV) this June. The project heralds a unique partnership between Punahou School, the Hawai‘i State Department of Education (Social Studies), and the Honolulu Academy of Arts in developing a model outreach program around the study of the cradles of civilization.

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