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The Punahou Bulletin is published and financed by Punahou School, and is circulated free to more than 38,250 alumni, parents and friends of the School. The Punahou Bulletin is issued four times a year: fall, winter, spring and summer.

The Punahou Bulletin began publication (Volume I, Number I) in September 1953, as a bimonthly news magazine of the Punahou Alumni Association and the Punahou PTA. This new publication was an experimental combination of the Alumni Bulletin (first published in 1926) and the Lokahian (a parent news monthly). In the fall of 1970, the Bulletin went to a quarterly format. In 2006, the Bulletin first appeared online.

Punahou Bulletin Staff

  • Cheryl Cambra '99 Prather, Editor
  • David Cox, Art Direction and Design
  • Kathleen Connelly, Photography, Design and Production
  • Mila Lietzke, Alumni Notes Editor
  • Evelyn June Kam, Production Coordinator
  • Brian Craven, Online Design and Production
  • Leif Tabernero, Online Design and Production

Editorial Board

  • Malia Ane '72, Director of Hawaiian Studies
  • Pauline Lo '71 Bailey, Director of Human Resources and Co-Curricular Programs
  • Wendy Bazemore, Parent Faculty Relations Associate
  • Kevin Conway, Academy Principal
  • John D. Field Jr. ’72, Vice President and Treasurer Finance and Administration
  • Kikilia Fordham ’82, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Laurel Bowers ’71 Husain, Director of Communications
  • Cathy Kawano-Ching, Associate Director of Professional Programs
  • Eliza Leineweber '92 Lathrop, K – 12 Garden Resources Coordinator
  • Emily McCarren, Director of Wo International Center
  • Lauren Medeiros, Joshua Hayashi, George Scott, Punahou Chaplains
  • Carri Morgan, Director of Luke Center for Public Service
  • Andrew Nelson, K – 8 Outdoor Education Coordinator
  • Kathryn Nelson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Gail Peiterson, Tai Crouch, Co-Directors Gates Family Science Workshop
  • Michael Walker, Junior School Principal 

Board of Trustees

See Board of Trustees page.

September 1953


The inaugural issue of the Punahou Bulletin reported on a slight tuition increase to $375 (grades 9 – 12), the second phase of construction for the new Winne elementary, and the fifth year of the 100-member Punahou Tennis Club.


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