Varsity Football - Game Day!

September 2, 2017

The team headed off to Nicolosi's for a carb-loading pasta brunch this morning. On their return they found their uniforms laid out neatly in the ballroom. Propped against each uniform was a copy of the team photo we took at UCLA with the caption, "How Do You Want To Be Remembered?" Our hope is that the boys will post these in their lockers for the rest of the season.

FootballSanDiego_Sept2_5 (1038x688).jpg

The photo helped the boys recall not only the powerful messages they received at Camp Pendleton yesterday, but also the messages and support they gave each other at the team meeting last night.

Soon it was off to the buses, headed for Cathedral Catholic and the Honor Bowl game against the Serra Cavaliers. You've all watched the game in person or over live streaming, but for those of you who weren't with us in San Diego, know that it was uncomfortably hot … 112 degrees on the turf.

FootballSanDiego_Sept2_6 (1038x688).jpg

We're proud of our boys for playing with heart, class and determination. We were also extremely proud of them for their sportsmanship. A special mahalo goes out to the army of adults on the sidelines who kept the team hydrated and helped the players dealing with cramps ... at times it looked like a MASH unit out there.

FootballSanDiego_Sept2_21 (1038x688).jpg

The Honor Bowl Champions return triumphantly for a late night pizza snack and celebration. Alama Uluave presented Dr. Scott with a signed Sons of Oahu #1 jersey on behalf of the team. Dr. Scott responded with a heartfelt, emotional speech, reminding the boys never to take for granted the privilege of wearing Punahou on their jerseys. He told them that the Chapel theme for this year, telling your own story, was especially apropos, because their team's story is just beginning. He told them that today was a touchpoint for the next few months, and that at every practice, during every game, they should remember this moment. They dug down deep and they'll be called on to do that again. The team responded with an oli mahalo for Dr. Scott … and eventually headed off for bed for some much needed rest.

FootballSanDiego_Sept2_34 (1038x687).jpg

Blog entry by Dean Marguerite Ashford
Photos courtesy of Ray Kunishige

Final Score: Punahou 56 - Serra 42