Varsity Football - SDSU Visit

August 31, 2017

Day Two dawned in San Diego clear and warm. Although the boys slept in after their very long day yesterday, there were some eager beavers down for breakfast shortly after 8. By 10:30 the team was on the road, heading to practice at Parker High School. Temperatures were high...they’re going through cases and cases of water and Gatorade!


After a rest at the hotel midday, the team headed down to San Diego State University. They were fortunate to watch some of their football practice, and were given a tour of their athletic facilities and the Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame by Coach Kevin McGarry. Back at the hotel there was a special room delivery of In-N-Out Burgers, which were appreciated by all!


On to study hall...the boys were taking math and chemistry tests, working on homework, doing college guidance assignments and more. (What’s the difference between velocity and speed? Air is homogeneous, yeah, Coach?) Then it was off to an ono Mexican dinner at Casa Guadalajara, followed by team meetings and chalk talks.