Varsity Football - Camp Pendleton

September 1, 2017

Submitted by Dean Marguerite Ashford

Today was one of inspiration for all of us ... players, coaches, and chaperones. This morning we headed up to San Mateo Camp at Camp Pendleton. On arrival a Marine Corps drill sergeant boarded each bus, simulating what new recruits experience as they arrive at Camp Pendleton. I've never seen our boys move so fast as they tumbled out of the buses and into formation.

FootballSanDiegoSept1_2 (1038x687).jpg

At the 5th Marine Regiment Memorial Garden the team was addressed by a number of speakers. The message the boys received was, "How do you want to be remembered?" We learned about Marine Corps history and heard from a Gold Star Mother, describing poignantly how her son was killed on his first day in country in Afghanistan. The team clearly understood the sacrifices these men make for us every day, and came to appreciate what it means to be a hero. The team responded with an oli.

FootballSanDiegoSept1_11 (1038x688).jpg

On the Regimental football field the team moved through various stations, exploring firsthand Marine Corps vehicles, equipment and weaponry. Seeing some of our boys running in ghillie suits with full packs, doing jumping jacks and pushups in flak jackets, and talking with the young instructors about their experiences and their decision to enter the military was eye opening. After a box lunch, we shared an oli mahalo with our hosts and headed back to San Diego.

FootballSanDiegoSept1_15 (1038x688).jpg

This afternoon we had our final pre-game practice at Parker, followed by a brief rest and dinner at Outback Steak House. When we arrived back at the hotel, we were greeted by President Jim Scott and some of his classmates and teammates, who talked to the boys about the importance of building relationships, trust and brotherhood.

Then it was time for final chalk talks and team bonding activities. Game Day tomorrow!

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