Swimming - Oregon

November 19, 2015

Greeting from cold and damp Oregon - sounds a little like Hawai‘i right now.

Fortunately, spirits around us are anything but cold and damp. The first full day was long but enjoyable. The day began with a light dry-land workout in one of the hotel's conference rooms. The boys lost the hotly contested Jun-ken-po contest so they had to get up first and come and face the wrath of a "Body by Eric" ab and stretching workout. The girls followed. Both groups finished up with 2 "Close your eyes" bonding exercises that needed to have been seen to be believed.

After breakfast, it was off to Willamette University where we were met by former Punahou swimmers Andrew Lum, Ashlyn Witherwax and Micah Fujiwara. We had a tour of the school, lunch - provided by the school - and met with an admission counselor. The afternoon workout was in their pool and everyone was thrilled – good day and great hospitality!

We moved on to Corvallis at 4 p.m. to meet with the Corvallis Aquatics Team. The head coach is a former swimmer of mine who has been coaching CAT for more than 25 years and has produced many highly accomplished swimmers - from state to national to international caliber swimmers. We toured their facility and then went to dinner with their senior team at the home of a parent who was a chaperone when they came to Hawaii this past summer.

We will start Friday with a 5:30 a.m. workout where they will train with CAT. We will be training outside where we anticipate the air temp to be low 40s but water temp will be low 80s!

Swimmers are representing families and the School in a great way with their manners, respect and appreciation of everything everyone has done for them.

Submitted by Coach Jeff Meister, Assistant Athletic Director