Tennis - California

September 11, 2015

Blog entry by Clarise '19

For the first annual Golden State Tennis Classic held at Stanford and Menlo College, Punahou brought 11 players and 4 coaches. The players are from 9th – 12th grade, 7 of whom were on Punahou's varsity team last year. This team traveled to Palo Alto, California to compete against 15 other varsity teams. The team left on Wednesday night and arrived in San Jose early Thursday morning. The competition is two days long and starts on Friday; two team matches a day consisting of 4 singles and 3 doubles.

On Thursday, after arriving, we drove to Palo Alto to drop off our luggage at the hotel, before getting brunch at Stanford Mall and heading to Menlo College for a short practice. It was really hot and many of us were tired due to only sleeping on the plane, but we were glad to be able to hit a little while before heading to Stanford.

At Stanford we went on a campus tour. It was long, but we enjoyed seeing the campus and felt like we knew a lot about Stanford afterwards. We also had a chance to look at Stanford stores and wanted to buy a lot of the clothes, but we didn't because we're all on a budget for food and other things on our trip. Even though we are used to a big campus at Punahou, Stanford was a lot larger and it amazed us how vast the campus was. After the tour, we got back to the hotel and checked into our rooms – 3 or 4 of us per room – and cleaned up before eating dinner, relaxing and doing homework before going to bed.

On Friday, we all woke up early around 7 and after getting ready, headed to eat breakfast downstairs at the hotel. It was a buffet where we could get fruits, pastries, bread, cereal and more; then went back to our rooms to relax and prepare to play at 11:00.

For our first match, we played at Menlo College against Amador Valley. We had a lot of really tight matches but pulled off 6 of the 7 matches. We were not only excited that we won our first match, but also realized that we deserved to be here and could compete with everyone. After a quick lunch we went to Stanford for our second match and though we're not done with today, we're appreciate being able to be here and compete; we're hoping to win today's against Dana Hills and looking forward to the next two matches tomorrow and the rest of this trip.

Go Puns!

Days Results:

Punahou vs. Amador Valley: 6 - 1
Punahou vs. Dana Hills; 4 - 3