Varsity Football - Game Day

September 4, 2015

After a late night on Thursday the boys slept in this morning. The coaches wanted them well rested and off their feet. After a brief meeting they headed out for a carbo-loading lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill, then back to the hotel for rest, team meeting, chalk talks and final preparations for the game. At 3:00 the buses departed for Berkeley, with the boys in their white uniforms.

At California Memorial Stadium, despite the presence of the Del Oro Marching Band and cheerleaders, the Punahou crowd was definitely the larger and more vocal group. The O'ahu College Band led the crowd in spirited songs and cheers, although most were shivering in the unfamiliar cold. The game announcer apologized in advance for the mangling he would give our boys' names (and mangle them he did).

The first half of the game was largely a defensive battle, with the half time score Del Oro 15, Punahou 0. Late in the third quarter a Punahou touchdown sparked an incredibly exciting last 15 minutes of the game, with Punahou prevailing 22-15. Listening to the boys sing "Sons of Oahu" at the game's end was an amazing chicken skin moment for all (even the Del Oro fans paused to watch).