Varsity Football - Cal and Practice

September 3, 2015

It's just after 10 p.m, and the boys are settling in to their fourth meal of the day, followed by two hours of study hall and team meetings. It's been a busy day.

This morning the team headed to Berkeley, where they were able to walk through the stadium where they will play tomorrow. Everyone was busy taking photos when Semisi Uluave '15 walked in to greet them – their morning was complete. Semisi stayed with the team for a two-hour practice on a turf field built atop a new parking garage. Then they were hosted to lunch in the players' dining room. Cal's head coach spoke to the team and Kanawai Noa '15 also paid the team a visit. A tour of Cal's newly renovated athletic facilities followed, including a visit to the skydeck and VIP lounge at the top of the stadium.

Back down at ground level the tour of campus featured stops at the Campanile and the Bookstore. The team returned to Santa Clara for naps, before a meeting and team bonding evening. Now it’s to business and the excitement of Game Day tomorrow.