Varsity Football - Arrival

September 2, 2015

This morning the team landed in Oakland at 7:30, after a five hour flight from Honolulu. With two mechanical delays and spent time in three boarding gates, it was a 14 1/2 hour day before getting on the plane! Hawaiian Air staff and fellow passengers expressed amazement that a traveling sports team that was so large could be so patient, uncomplaining and positive.

James Kakos and Myron Arakawa welcomed the team at the airport, complete with Egg McMuffins, protein bars, fruit, Gatorade and water. It had been a long time since dinner! At the hotel, after breakfast, the boys had a couple of hours to rest in their rooms before heading out.

The boys are tired but clearly glad to be here. It's obvious that they regard this as much more than just a football trip. They're looking forward to college visits and seeing some of the area around San Francisco Bay. These young men are focused, mature, and determined to wring every ounce of learning they can out of this trip. What great representatives for Hawai'i and Punahou. Thank you parents and Punahou for the hard work you did to make this possible for the boys.