Girls Soccer (JV Blue)

Team Schedule

Season Record: 3-0

Home games are highlighted.

11/15Mid-Pacific InstituteAway Kapiolani Park4:00 pm6-0W
11/18Pac-Five AthleticsHome Punahou10:00 am1-0W
11/20Kamehameha WhiteAway Kamehameha - Kapalama4:00 pm2-0W
11/22Kamehameha BlueAway Kamehameha - Kapalama6:00 pmInfo
11/29IolaniAway Kapiolani Park4:00 pmInfo
12/1Mid-Pacific InstituteAway Mid-Pacific Institute4:00 pmInfo
12/4Pac-Five AthleticsAway Kapiolani Park4:00 pmInfo
12/7Kamehameha BlueHome Punahou4:00 pmInfo
12/11Kamehameha WhiteHome Punahou4:00 pmInfo
12/14IolaniHome Punahou4:00 pmInfo
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About the Program

In the 1974-75 season, Kathy Kelley '75 Carey became the first girl to play on the Punahou boys varsity soccer team, thus planting the seed for the creation of the Punahou girls soccer program. The following year two Punahou girls teams were formed to play in the community Women's Soccer League. Punahou teams continued to play in the community leagues for three years.

The ILH adopted girls soccer as a league sport for the 1978-79 school year. The HHSAA state tournament began in 1982.

Team News

No team news is currently available.