• Punahou boys [Air Riflery] win state air riflery title Staff
    Posted October 28, 2014

    It was a clean sweep by the Interscholastic League of Honolulu at Tuesday's Civilian Marksmanship Program/Hawaii High School Athletic Association Air Riflery State Championships. The Punahou boys and Mid-Pacific girls won the team titles, while Hawaii's Baptist's Darren Nirei and Saint Francis' Isabel Villanueva won the individual crowns at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall.

Upcoming Games

Upcoming events for 12/20 - 12/27

Sat / Dec 20

Canoe Paddling at Magic Island

Soccer at Mid-Pacific Institute

Boys Soccer (Varsity) vs. Kamehameha

10:00 am

Boys Soccer (JV Blue) vs. Saint Louis

12:00 pm

Girls Soccer (Intermediate Blue) at Iolani Black

1:30 pm

Girls Soccer (Varsity) vs. Saint Francis at Waipio Soccer Park

2:00 pm

Boys Basketball (Intermediate Blue) vs. Iolani at Saint Francis - ILH CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

4:30 pm
Mon / Dec 22

Girls Basketball (JV) vs. Maryknoll

6:00 pm

Girls Basketball (Varsity II) at Kamehameha

6:30 pm
Tue / Dec 23

Girls Soccer (JV) vs. Iolani

4:15 pm

Girls Soccer (Varsity) vs. Pac-Five Athletics at Kapiolani Park

4:15 pm

Boys Basketball (JV Blue) vs. Punahou Gold

6:00 pm

Boys Basketball (JV Gold) vs. Punahou Blue

6:00 pm

Girls Basketball (Varsity I) at Iolani

6:30 pm
Sat / Dec 27

Boys Soccer (Varsity) at Iolani

10:00 am

Boys Soccer (JV Gold) vs. Punahou Blue at Punahou

12:30 pm

Boys Soccer (JV Blue) vs. Punahou Gold

12:30 pm


From Saturday, December 13 thru Saturday, December 20

Thursday, December 18
Girls Basketball (JV)25L
Sacred Hearts Academy55
Girls Tennis (Intermediate Blue)1L
Punahou Gold4
Girls Tennis (Intermediate Gold)4W
Punahou Blue1
Girls Soccer (Intermediate Gold)0L
Kamehameha Blue5
Wednesday, December 17
Girls Basketball (Varsity I)2W
Mid-Pacific Institute0More
Tuesday, December 16
Boys Basketball (JV Blue)43W
Girls Basketball (Varsity II)34L
Girls Basketball (JV)25L
Kamehameha Blue27
Boys Basketball (JV Gold)59W
Saint Louis40
Boys Tennis (Intermediate Blue)3W
Boys Soccer (Varsity)0T
Mid-Pacific Institute0
Monday, December 15
Boys Basketball (Intermediate White)47L
Christian Academy - ILH TOURNAMENT50
Boys Soccer (Intermediate Blue)4W
Pac-Five Athletics3
Boys Soccer (Intermediate Gold)4W
Iolani Black0
Girls Tennis (Intermediate Blue)5W
Saint Francis0
Girls Tennis (Intermediate Gold)5W
Saint Andrew's Priory0
Saturday, December 13
Girls Basketball (Intermediate)37L
Boys Soccer (Varsity)8W
Damien Memorial0
Girls Soccer (Varsity)2W
Boys Soccer (JV Gold)1W
Boys Basketball (JV Gold)52W
Kamehameha Blue35
Boys Basketball (JV Blue)60W
Girls Basketball (Varsity I)65W
Sacred Hearts Academy33
Girls Soccer (JV)4W
Pac-Five Athletics0
Girls Basketball (JV)23L
Kamehameha White34
Boys Basketball (Intermediate Gold)55W
Mid-Pacific Institute45
Boys Basketball (Intermediate Blue)67W
Boys Soccer (Intermediate Gold)7W
Iolani Red0
Boys Soccer (JV Blue)5W
Mid-Pacific Institute1

Special Events

Fri / Dec 26

Punahou Boys Basketball Invitational

Through 12/30Multiple Locations

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