On to Foshan

March 23, 2016

Students left Zhongshan in the morning and took an hour and a half bus ride to the city of Foshan. Foshan's population is about ten times that of Zhongshan, and students were able to see both old and new architecture side-by-side scattered across the city. The morning was spent visiting the Foshan Ancestor Temple, which has artifacts that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. The smell of incense and sound of loud traditional music being performed in another part of the temple filled the area and made it seem as if the students took a step back in time.

Despite the rainy weather, everyone was able to watch a lion dance performance in which two performers jumped across verticals poles and stood on each other's shoulders, all while under the costume. All of the historical buildings and decorations in the area showed just how old and vibrant China's history is and how different it is compared to Hawai'i's relatively short history.