Visiting Sun Yat-sen School

March 21, 2016

Punahou students visited two schools today, spending most of the time at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Middle School. The symphony members were amazed by the beauty and sheer size of the school. They had the opportunity to interact with students there and made new friends.

After eating lunch in the school's cafeteria with some Chinese students, the Punahou students visited various clubs and groups, and saw a mini magic show, learned about calligraphy and paper cutting, played chess, learned about traditional and modern Chinese dances, and much more. This was a first time for many Punahou students.

Following the activities, the symphony performed a shortened program of their songs and got to see the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Middle School students play various Chinese instruments in return. The visit to the school ended with some students exchanging email addresses and gifts, and promising to stay in touch. The language barrier was minimal as some of the Punahou students used the Chinese that they learned in school in addition to the Chinese students being very proficient in English.

The Symphony is looking forward to performing for the general public of Zhongshan tomorrow night in a completely sold-out concert, totaling over 1,000 people!