The First Look at Hong Kong

March 19, 2016

The Symphony began their day in Hong Kong at Victoria Peak, a mountain that overlooks the entire city. Unfortunately, the morning fog that day was so dense and unrelenting that the students were unable to see the city at all. Despite the weather conditions, everyone was able to find other places to explore on the mountain. They later found an area a bit farther down the mountain where many of the buildings were visible and made up for the lack of photo-ops earlier.

After descending the mountain, students ate a delicious dim sum lunch aboard Jumbo Kingdom, a giant floating restaurant in Aberdeen Harbor. The students then went to two different shopping areas to get a few bargains while in the city. The orchestra had time on their own to explore the marketplaces and get a taste of what life is like in the city. Students bought everything from giant bubble blowers to straw hats to food.

Everyone enjoyed the chance to have a break after such a long day of traveling and enjoyed seeing famous areas of Hong Kong while learning about the city's history from the tour guides. They are all looking forward to officially beginning the set of performances across China over the next few days.