Bandfest and Preparations

December 29, 2015

The day began posing for a band group photo in front of Rose Bowl Stadium. With corneas singed only slightly from keeping their eyes open towards the sun, the band was led into a tent that housed many of the floats that will be seen in the parade. The perishable nature of much of the flower petals, leaves and even oranges that adorn the floats limit the amount of time that volunteers have to assemble their creations. During the walkthrough, students witnessed the tedious but necessary work that must be completed in order to build a piece that judges will appreciate. Then the band left the stadium en route to Pasadena City College to perform at the 2015 Bandfest presented by REMO.

Upon arrival, lunch from an In-N-Out Burger food truck gave the band more than enough fuel to power them through their performance. Two burgers, chips, water, soda and a candy bar were given to all students, staff and chaperones.

The band’s exhibition at Bandfest was phenomenal. Students, knowing that this performance would be the last time that their entire school year of hard work would be displayed, presented an atmosphere of confidence and precision that was felt throughout the stadium. When marching in front of the stands in parade formation, the students sounded even better than when they played the field show. Many staff members commented that they would be thrilled if the band sounds like they did today at the Rose Parade.

After the performance, the planned exchange with Mira Mesa High School from San Diego, California was canceled due to logistical problems. Though students may have lost a few potential Instagram followers, the primary goal of performing a great field show had been unquestionably accomplished.

Once back at the hotel, the Jazz Band had a rehearsal in the lovely Tiffany Ballroom to prep for their performance on Wednesday, and the percussionists prepped their instruments to make sure they look snazzy for the parade.