Practice and Disneyland!

December 28, 2015

An 8 a.m. rehearsal at Kennedy High School gave the band a chance to brush off any dust that might have accumulated since their last rehearsal in Hawai‘i. Though much of the band would have named Dillingham Hall as the coldest place they’ve played in before today, their acclimation to California’s winter climate seemed unexpectedly painless. Galutau Aga, the Punahou drumline instructor, noted that rehearsal “was good to get everybody moving, and to get everybody used to the weather.”

The Rose Parade is 5.5 miles long; over twice as long as the last parade completed by the Punahou Marching Band. Following the short marching rehearsal, the band had the opportunity to test their leg strength and endurance during an eleven-hour trip to Disneyland.

In addition to unfamiliar temperatures, the band rehearsed their field show without yard lines—a challenge usually only faced in the nightmares of band students. Thankfully, the adverse circumstances did not strongly affect the band’s productivity, and rehearsal was ended soon enough to allow for a short, informal meeting between the PMB students and the Kennedy High School Jazz Band.

Much of the next eleven hours were spent enjoying time at Disneyland. At night, once the temperature settled into the low forties, Punahou students were easily distinguishable from other Disneyland patrons—a penguin-like huddle appeared to be the method of choice when it came to keeping warm.