Your Alumni Account

As a service of convenience for alumni, Punahou offers online access to their school account information. This information is generally available 24 hours a day, with occasional scheduled outages. However, Punahou makes no guarantee as to the availability of the online system.


What do my Privacy Settings do and how do I change them?

Your privacy settings affect what personal information displays in the secure online directories. If you wish, you may individually select to hide your address, phone, email, or your entire record from the directories. To do so, click to edit your information and check the "Do Not Publish" checkbox next to each item you wish to hide.

Editing your privacy settings online ONLY affects the online directory, and does not affect your appearance in or subscription to any mailing lists (postal or email) that the school maintains.

Can I change my username and password?

Yes (unless you are a faculty/staff member). Provided another member of the Punahou community has not already taken it, you may create any username and/or password you wish, as often as you wish, with the following parameters:

Username may not contain spaces. Password must be at least 8 characters.

Can I have an online account without an email address of record?

No. Punahou School must have a unique, valid email on record for you, in order to provide you with online access to your account. This email may not be shared in your spouse's or other family member's record.

You are not required to provide the School with an email address, but without one, you will not have online access to your account.

Is my account login the same as my PunApps login?

No (unless you are a faculty/staff member). PunApps is a completely separate service, and is not tied to this website or to your online account.

If you are a PunApps user, and would like to make your online account login the same as your PunApps login, you may attempt to do so by changing your account login to match. However, there is no guarantee that your preferred username will be available for use.

Do I have or need an ePunahou login?

No (unless you are a faculty/staff member). For parents and alumni, ePunahou has been replaced by the functionality and content now available in this website.

ePunahou is now exclusively for student and faculty/staff use.