Financial Aid

A family’s financial situation should not limit a qualified student’s opportunity to attend Punahou. The School offers need-based aid, taking into account many factors including income, net worth, standard living expenses, family size and the number of children attending tuition-charging schools (except graduate school.) Financial aid is not based on academic, artistic or athletic skills.

Currently 18.6 percent of students receive financial aid with an average award of $9,724. Financial aid currently assists qualifying families with incomes from $0 to more than $175,000. Families with higher incomes who receive aid have an average of three children in private schools.

Financial aid is a priority at Punahou because it helps to create a diverse student body, representative of the Hawai‘i community, each member of which contributes to the learning experience of all Punahou students.

Applying for financial aid does not influence an application for admission. Admission to Punahou is need-blind and the decisions of the admission committee and the financial aid committee are made independently.

Who determines “need” for financial aid?

Punahou uses School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to calculate your financial need, then the Financial Aid Committee may make adjustments based on the documents and information that you have submit to Punahou.

Does the Financial Aid Office award scholarships?

All financial aid awards are need-based and are not based on academic achievement, talent (musical, drama, dance or athletics) or leadership.

Do I reapply for aid each year?

Aid is granted for a period of one year, based on current information; changes in a family's financial situation may change the amount awarded from year to year.

Which students are eligible to apply?

Aid is available to both new and continuing students who are U.S. citizens. International students may apply for aid; however, there are limited funds.

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Jennifer Hong
Director for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Office
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