Kumu Crew: Miami

Kaniela Lyman-Mersereau

December 15, 2016

The voyage to Panama has begun, but we have not left the dock here in the City of Miami. Hulls are emptied and inventoried, supplies are checked and double checked, all details must be attended to so safety and success is certain.

The weather is warm and clear. The clouds do a different slide across the sky with no land elevation to alter them. The sun is low and the shades of orange and yellow are brilliant splashed across the horizon at sunrise.

As we tend to our kuleana my mind drifts out to sea. The anticipation of adventure is building. Where will this huaka'i take us? What will we see? What stories and inspirations will we bring home to our family, friends and community? The legends and lore of these Carribean waters run deep and here we are so far from home preparing to add a few more pages. Stay focused my crew, my friends, my family.

When it is time it is time. He wa'a he moku he moku he wa'a.