Kumu Crew: Leg 26

Kaniela Lyman-Mersereau

December 14, 2016

Miami, Florida
The voyage to get to the voyage has come to an end. Leg 26 crew touched down in Miami safely today. With luggage and canoe supplies carted, carried, walked, shuttled and dropped through check-ins and check-outs, the sleepless, red-eyed blur of airports and aircrafts is over.

We have everybody we need. We have everyone we need: 12 positive bodies ready to give up family holiday time to embark on a mission to bring Hōkūle'a through the Panama Canal and back to the mighty Pacific. Another piece of the puzzle in connecting communities to what we all must do now: mālama.

Our minds have shifted from our beautiful island lives. Traversing through the airport anxiety of making sure every crew member has the right documents, a familiar voice reminds us of where we come from and why we are here, "E ala e!" Brudda Iz softly soothes our weary souls from a small speaker hanging from Duane's backpack.

Packing, unpacking and packing again, our jet lag is perfectly distracted by delicious Cuban cuisine. Captain and crew fill up on all that is good. Stories from voyages past shared by both young and old crew bring us laughter and connection. We 'make happy' and look forward to a few days of work before we set sail this weekend.

Smiling at the miles she has danced over so many seas. You can't help
but feel her wisdom as she rests gracefully on top of the silky, silvery, smooth moonlight. Aloha to you...