Fourth of July in New Haven

July 4, 2016

In from Dita Ramler

History came alive today – a day of celebration and learning. Early in the day we walked to the Grove Street Cemetery where Hiram, Sybil and Naomi Bingham are buried. We were treated to a parade and storytelling, starting with a benediction and a gun salute.

We took part in the festivities with Huckleberry, the horse, leading soldiers in full regalia with the crowd close behind. We were led to two different gravestones, one belonging to Roger Sherman, the first Mayor of New Haven and one of the signers of the Constitution, and one to David Humphreys, a proud son of New Haven and George Washington’s favorite aide de camp. The parade ended with an interactive reading of the Declaration of Independence.

The most important take-away for our group was the importance of bringing history alive through live re-enactments, storytelling and group engagement.

The New Haven community has a rich heritage and we were blessed to witness and share in their celebration. Huzzah!