Greeting Hōkūle'a in New Jersey

June 20, 2016

In from Jim Scott '70

After meetings last week in Washington DC, I flew to New York City to be present when Hōkūle'a left New York City to continue its journey up the East coast to Rhode Island. Rough harbor waters and boat traffic had the canoe leave from the New Jersey side of the East River on Saturday morning with a quick detour to Governors Island in New York Harbor where they were greeted by a gathering of several Hawaiian civic clubs based around the greater New York City area. Leslie Morioka '64 has been a key organizer of the group and its activities.

Before Hōkūle'a left that morning, I had a chance to greet the crew, along with Terry George and his family, and Nainoa Thompson and his family. It was thrilling to share with the crew our great pride in their accomplishment thus far, and our excitement about continuing to follow the rest of their worldwide voyage throughout this next school year until its return to Kualoa hopefully by next June.

Punahou joins other independent and public schools in Hawai'i and around the world in using the worldwide voyage as an extraordinary project-based, multi-disciplinary learning opportunity for students.