Kumu Crew: Experiencing Yorktown

April 27, 2016

Chipping away at our crew duties as more outreach days approach along with the next crew. We must make the canoe ready. We must leave it better than we found it. The weather has been warm the past couple days, making it easy for us to explore this beautiful, historic town.

In between work on the canoe, we enjoyed a sail on a three-masted gaff-rigged schooner named Alliance, ate fresh blue crab and oysters gifted to us by two local Japanese men from Hawai‘i, and listened to bearded men (and a woman) play bluegrass and sing sea shanties at the watermen's museum.

The people we meet continue to be friendly and interested in our story. Although we are spending less time on the water on the canoe, navigating all these different humans has been a pleasure. Something new every day.

Another nor'easter is upon us and it looks like we'll be layering up for tomorrow's school visits.