Kumu Crew: Happy Birthday!

April 25, 2016

In from Starr Johnson ‘98

Today we celebrated Kaniela's birthday! With silk lei on his neck we began a full day's work on Hokule‘a.

We started the day by taking down the boom and spar and untying the sails to put away until needed in a couple weeks. We then finished the repairs to the starboard catwalk from the damage coming in to Charleston, SC. When that was done we began the huge task of taking EVERYTHING out of the hulls, cleaning out every berth, unloading all the water bottles, reorganizing the boxes of food, updating the manifest, then putting all the items back in the hulls.

It was a long 8 hours in the hot sun but had many laughs and stories as we worked. One of the most interesting and unexpected things was the tour around the world we took while reorganizing the food. There was rice from Mauritius, guava spread and coconut milk from Brazil, canned octopus from Cuba, coffee from Australia, Milo drink from Aotearoa, cans of fruit from French Polynesia, and spices from the Caribbean. Some of the items we couldn't even identify- a strange looking dried limu or mushroom or tea leaf that no one was willing to taste. It was a cool reminder of all the places Hōkū has been since she left Hawaii in 2014 when she was filled with food from Costco!

During our last hour of sun we did a great google hangout with the Hawaiian culture classes in Luke Auditorum while they were in the middle of learning about Eddie Aikau. The classes got to see the plaque on board that honors the sacrifice he made for Hokule‘a and her crew. Mahalo to those students who asked great questions.

We look forward to connecting to our students and bringing back all we have learned to the Punahou community.

Mahalo for following!