Kumu Crew: Moving On

April 17, 2016

In from Kaniela Lyman-Merereau ‘05

Departed Charleston at dawn after an exhausting, fulfilling three days of canoe tours and community outreach. Not a cloud in the sky as we make our way at a good pace of 7 knots to northern South Carolina. The waterway is narrow and very shallow on either side. I'm on watch from 6 a.m. – noon as the other watch captain is on the road continuing to engage the community in Charleston.

Fooled by the sunny skies I rise from my bunk barefoot with a few Lon layers to cover up. It will warm up I think as we pass through our first and only swing bridge of the day. It does not. My feet and hands are numb. Time to go digging for some more layers so we can get to work fixing what needs to be fixed on the canoe.

We arrive just before sunset at Wacca Wache Marina. The wind has died. The smooth dark water reflects everything above it. I look up and see Sirius, Orion and makali'i (Pleiades) making their way across the sky. I look down and see the same stars dancing just beneath the surface surrounded by oak trees covered in Spanish moss plunging their roots deep beneath the brackish water.

Can't help but think about space travel and this strange dock we are at, filled with enthusiastic, inebriated locals. Today was a good day.