Kumu Crew: Savannah to South Carolina

April 13, 2016

In from Kaniela Lyman-Mersereau ‘05

Serendipitous turn of events in Savannah, Georgia. Punahou legend Tim Lucas showed up on the dock. Just happened to be traveling through and had no idea Hokule‘a was coming!!

State by state we take in the constantly changing scenery. Elevation stays the same as we go under bridge after bridge. I see no lines dividing these places, only land and water winding its way through a labyrinth of marsh and forest broken by sights of vacant, extravagant houses with exquisite docks and power boats to match. Where is everybody?

Things spread out as we make our way north mile by mile sliding over chocolate brown water. Scenes of big industry and old war forts off the Savannah River bring up questions of history and discussions of energy use. Who is truly paying for the blood spilled and resources ravaged? Nuclear power plant stacks spew their process out in the distance while bald eagles soar above.

Hokule‘a and crew sail through, calmly taking it all in, discussing what's really going on and what's really going wrong. We look forward to our stop in Charleston tomorrow where we will meet some of the people who care for this place. I hope they have the answers. The air is cold but our bunks feel familiar now after six days voyaging. It is time for sleep. Good night Hokule‘a. Good night South Carolina.