Kumu Crew to East Coast

April 4, 2016

Punahou faculty Starr Johnson ’98, Academy Social Studies faculty, and Kaniela Lyman-Mersereau ’05, Junior School PE and Outdoor Edcuation faculty, were selected as crew members on the 19th leg of Hokule‘a’s Worldwide Voyage, from Florida to Virginia. At the start of their leg, they join a special ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center to honor the late astronaut Lacy Veach ’62 for the inspiration he provided for this voyage.

The month-long voyage will offer opportunities to connect with Punahou classes. This blog will track their experiences.

From Starr Johnson ’98:

Hokule‘a crew for leg 19 gathering at HNL to depart for JFK, and then on to Orlando. We will meet the last four crew members on the continent and prepare for our first events with NASA to honor the Veach ‘ohana.