Mālama Kumu in South Africa

November 17, 2015

After the St. Mary's visit, the six Punahou kumu had the opportunity to take in a safari at Faerie Glen Nature Preserve. It was up close and personal with buffalo, elephants, rhinos, springboks and zebras. Many of the animals shared the same land and resources ,and was a reminder of the morning at St. Mary's and how few differences really exist between species.

This adventure, coupled with the Google Hangout between Chaplain Medeiros and the 4th and 5th grade Chapel, helped to emphasize the importance of Punahou intersecting with Hōkūle'a, but also carrying its message to different ports beyond its own community. As we continue to reach out and meet new people and share the message with groups around the world, we strive to remember that our values are so similar and focusing such gifts really can help to accentuate our purpose to Mālama honua.

Submitted by Chai Reddy, Director of Wo International Center