Mālama Kumu in South Africa

November 21, 2015

This is to honor the kumu who have spent so much time in preparing for this trip while still at Punahou, and how truly amazing they have been here in South Africa.

They have represented Punahou so very well — teaching at schools, community events, and at a childrenʻs home. There are not a lot of pictures with them in action, because they are all teaching.The kumu have been very smooth in their adjustments to each day, teaching, and following through on assignments.

This trip has, once again, demonstrated how truly special these kumu are and how they have truly embrace this opportunity to kokua Hōkūle'a, represent Punahou, and learn so much about the South African culture. We will forever be touched by this experience.

Mahalo to Lauren, Kylee, Anna, Chai and Matt!!! They are all great kumu in their own fields, and, more importantly, tremendous individuals. It has been an honor to be with them for our time in South Africa.

Submitted by Director of Hawaiian Studies Malia Ane.