Mālama Kumu in South Africa

November 12, 2015

Star date 11/11 (Well, our Hawaiian airplane IS named Makali'i)

There's something mysterious, exciting and powerful about Hawai'i's connection to Hōkūle'a - even when she's the farthest away that she can possibly be. Of course the six kumu representing Punahou have been immersed in the sail, especially in these last days of preparation: learning chants, planning contributions to the educational mission of Mālama Honua, even the mundane parts of sharing packing tips.

And Hawai'i's connection to Hōkūle'a took on an unexpected and joyfully deeper air when the group experienced the excitement of the airport agricultural inspector who launched into his story of "following " the journey of Hōkūle'a. The woman at the gate wanted to photograph the group and could hardly contain her enthusiasm, celebrating this unique opportunity. The group consists of 60 people, 30 with the Mālama Honua Education Team and an additional 30 making up the PVS Hawai'i delegation traveling to Capetown, takingthe aloha, pride, wonder and awe of the island community to the wa'a that carries hopes and dreams of a better world, a connected and caring world. Eō, Hōkūle'a!

Submitted by Chaplain Lauren Buck Medeiros