Mālama Kumu in Aotearoa

March 23, 2015

Hokule‘a and Hikianalia’s celebration in Point England, which was planned for Monday, was postponed due to heavy rain, but the Malama Kumu crew got to visit the ancient voyaging canoes while they were docked at Panmure Warf in Auckland.

The Mālama Kumu made their first school visit to Kadimah School, the only Jewish school in Aotearoa. Rianne and Eliza taught their garden classes about how to use the moon cycles to guide their gardening, and showed them a chant to learn the Hawaiian names of the different moons. They also shared the ‘olelo no‘eau “I ka nana no ka ‘ike” with students.

Then, the crew headed north to Whangarei. On the way, they stopped at an installation called “The Park” at Victoria Park in downtown Auckland. The public installation is designed to familiarize urban citizens about the role of bees in our environment.