Administrative Deans

The six administrative deans in the Junior School have primary responsibility for certain grade levels of students. The K – 1 dean works with students for two years. The two grades 2 – 5 deans each work with two classes for four years, from grade 2 – 5. Three middle school deans each start with a class in grade 6 and follow them through the middle school years. These extended relationships allow deans to provide a high level of attentiveness to students and families.

Deans actively work with faculty in their section and act as learning specialists, instructional leaders and a resource for families. They are also members of the Junior School Administrative Team and actively participate in the admission process for the School.

2017 – 2018 School Year

  • Ian Okamoto

    K – 1 Administrative Dean

    (Classes of 2030 and 2029)

  • John Nagel

    Grades 2 and 4 Administrative Dean

    (Classes of 2028 and 2026)

  • Julie Crane-Cory

    Grades 3 and 5 Administrative Dean

    (Classes of 2027 and 2025)

  • Jenni Tyau

    Grade 6 Administrative Dean

    (Class of 2024)

  • Andy Aldrich

    Grade 7 Administrative Dean

    (Class of 2023)

  • Lori Komori

    Grade 8 Administrative Dean

    (Class of 2022)