Academy (9 - 12)

With the student at the center of the Academy curriculum, the goal is to provide students an environment and range of experiences that will enable them to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for success as lifelong, independent learners who become people who make a difference.

The principal, assistant principal, and two deans per grade level oversee Academy students.  

Modular Schedule 

The Punahou Academy, comprised of grades 9 – 12, has a very distinct and unique schedule, which has been in place since the spring of 1970. It is referred to as a modular schedule, which runs on a six-day cycle from A – F. Each cycle day rotates so that it lands on a different day of the week. This customized schedule allows students the opportunity to develop personal responsibility, make use of processing time between classes and activities, and pursue interests and talents by individualizing their coursework from a selection of core academic classes and a variety of diverse electives.

College Prep

College preparatory graduation requirements include credits in English, science, social studies, mathematics, foreign language, physical education, performing arts and community service. Each year, Punahou's senior class exceeds 400 students, with 99 percent of graduates going on to college.



Emily McCarren
Academy Principal
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Paula Hodges
Academy Assistant Principal 


James Kakos
Academy Assistant Principal

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