San Francisco G-Term: Exploratorium

Brayden '19

January 6, 2017

Today we went to the Exploratorium museum, which was about a thirty minute walk from our hotel. We were allowed to wake up a little later in the morning due to the fact that we had nothing early in the morning. We all went down to the restaurant and ate, and started to walk soon after. When walking outside we realized today was the first day that it was not super, super cold! We were all able to take off our jackets and sweatshirts and were able to just wear our t shirts. The cool air felt really good instead of the freezing winds.

When we arrived at the Exploratorium I was surprised to see so many children. There were a lot of younger kids there. What I found pretty interesting at the Exploratorium was the exhibit where the lady was dissecting a cow’s eyeball. She told us cow eyeballs and ours are kind of different but we do share certain things. She showed us how the cow has a massive muscle around its eyeballs allowing the eyeballs to stay in place and move around. She also cut the eyeball open and showed us the many layers of a cow eye. In the end that exhibit was a little gross.

Another exhibit I really liked was the exhibit that showed us how dry ice turns into smoke when it hits water. The exhibit was not very informational but it was really cool to see what the ice did when it hit the water. The ice would move in different patterns and begin to fizz. Once in a while the ice would make a bubble which then exploded which looked pretty cool in slow motion.

Going to the Exploratorium will be something I will remember for a long time. I have family that lives in the Bay area but we have never gone to the Exploratorium. I am glad I was able to go on this trip.